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Clear Stitched Menu Covers

One of our signature line of Menu Covers which is a favorite of many restaurants giving flexibility of being able to change your Menu Inserts in and out. Made to any size with numerous Panel Styles options and are available with 36 different colors to complement your Menu and your Restaurants decor. Clear Stitched Plastic Menu Covers are an economical alternative for your Menus. Easy to clean.

Leatherette Menu Cover

Our Leatherette Menu Cover trims have an embossed leatherette appearance. High Gloss trims are a Gloss material available with solid colors and Granite and Marble prints.

Textured trims are an embossed material with Lizard and Iguana prints.

Metallic trims are a Brushed Metallic material.

Bengaline Nylons Menu Covers

Bengaline Nylons are a fabric material with an elegant presentation. Square or Round Corners with Gold, Silver, Black and Bronze colors.

Clear Plastic or Soft Classic™ Menu Covers

Choose from Clear Plastic or Soft Classic™ Non-Glare Plastic. Soft Classic™ is an enhancement to our Clear Menu Covers that we developed. This custom formula of plastic reduces glare, minimizes the appearance of surface scratching and hides fingerprints.

Clear Plastic Covers for Restaurants

Restaurant Covers with multiple pages should also consider utilizing our Clear Spiral Menu Covers. Similar to our Clear Stitched Cafe Menu Covers with the benefits of Page Protectors. Add up to 10 pages giving you 20 viewing sides and 4 additional views on the Clear Stitched Plastic Menu Cover. Saves cost and is great presentation with numerous color options for your Menu Inserts.

For an Hardcover appearance with Clear Plastic Panels our Lexide Hardcovers is another option with a Foil Imprint of your logo on the Front Cover of the Menu gives you an attractive presentation.

Also available is our Lexide Spiral Hardcovers with Page Protectors similar to our Clear Spiral Covers but with an Hardcover Front and Back.

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