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Lexide Check Presenter


Durable Personalized Lexide Check Presenter

Leave a lasting impression with your guests when they leave your restaurant. One of the last points of contact during a guest’s dining experience is when they receive their bill. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to provide one last positive touch-point with them. This is your chance to display your restaurant’s branding and promote future events to encourage your customers to become returning guests.

Lexide Check Presenters are economical choice and are available in Single Panel 1-view or Two Panel with 2-views. We offer two standard sizes and can also be customized to your size and specifications with your choice of Clear Plastic or Soft Classic™ Non-Glare Plastic. Choose from 6 different Lexide Hardcover colors. Add an option foil imprint on the front cover of the Check Presenter.

Restaurant Check Presenters will Provide Additional Ambiance

Lexide Check Presenters allow you to customize the check presentation experience and maintain the flow of the dining experience. The clear pocket inside holds the bill and allows servers to see when the payment is ready and make sure to process payment promptly so your customers aren’t kept waiting. The Lexide Check Presenter has extra plastic panel for advertising space to display and protect your own printed insert to promote desserts, to go items, upcoming events, menu items & Etc.

Our Lexide Check Presenters can compliment your menu designs for a cohesive dining experience.

Keeping Your Customers Payment Safe

The Check Presenter gives your guests confidence that you will take care of their payment when they place their credit card or cash in the pocket. The Two Panel Check Presenters also allows your customers to have privacy regarding their tipping percentage or any feedback forms you include with their tab.

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