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Fabricating a Winning Image

We've Created a new era of menu covers that will be an extension of the restaurant itself, reflecting its colors, styles and textures.

The Benefit of using Menu Covers

  • Menu Covers are Flexible & Economical
  • Make changes to one page at a time
  • Slide printed menus in and out and add Daily Specials and Market Fresh Offerings.
Innovation is a buzz word at Creative Impressions, Inc., one of the industries leading manufacturers of menu covers. Long-standing customers of ours have seen the evolution unfold, watching as we were the first to bring you a new line of menu covers with colors and textures to complement your restaurant decor. We were the innovators of marble, granite and metallic trims, iguana and lizard textured trims, Soft Classic Plastic and all new Clear Triangle Table Tents, Soft Touch menu Covers, 4-View Binders, Spiral Covers Hardcovers with screws, Tablets, Latera and much more.

We have a commitment to remain creative -- It's in our name.