In general Restaurants are judged by the food that comes out of the kitchen. However, there are a lot of subliminal elements of a Restaurant that also impact a guest’s experience and whether they will come back. One of the first impressions occurs when a guest glances at the Menu to see what they want to eat and drink. Without even knowing it, people judge the Restaurant by the look and feel of the Menu as well as the items that are on it. Leatherette menu covers are known to make a good impression for Restaurants because their Hardcover Presentation which are aesthetically appealing and feels solid in a guest’s hands.

Branding Your Restaurant

It is important for your Restaurants to make a conscious effort in the branding the use of their name on the Menus. Yes, it can be easier to use a generic Menu, but guests will gravitate towards a Imprinted Menu that reflects the establishment branding of their name from the moment they walk in the restaurant. The look and feel of a Leatherette Menu Cover can enhance a Restaurant’s appeal since the outer cover can be imprinted or blind deboss with the Restaurant’s name and logo. There are a variety of colors, textures and panel style options to choose from to be able to fit your Restaurants needs and presentation décor to a tee.

Advantages of Leatherette Menu Covers

Leatherette Menu Covers are very attractive and flexible with ease to change your Menu inserts in and out. Made to any size to accommodate your Menu insert size with your choice of Picture Frame Corners or Menu Bars to hold your inserts. Protect your Menu paper with our optional Clear Plastic Sheets available in any size. Just place on top of your Menu inserts to protect from soils and stains.

Finally, the Hardcover Menu Cover will provide protection to the Menu and assist with giving you an Attractive Presentation. Also available are our Spiral Hard Covers with Page Protectors. Great for Restaurants needing multiple pages to display their Menus.