Restaurants stake their entire business on the caliber of their menu and the impression they make with the guests. It only makes sense that your menus must be showcased and have the proper layout and design to excite your guests about your entrees and encourage them to order drinks, appetizers and desserts. Restaurant owners and their chefs are given a chance to feature their food and describe each dish with delectable details. This allows the guests to imagine the different menu combinations available and plan a return visit to try additional menu items. By making the menu enticing and elegant they begin the dining experience in a positive manner.

How Café Menu Covers Can Help You Improve Sales

  1. With the clear front cover panel you're able to display logo and artwork with a Brand recognition - Keep your branding right in front of guests at all times.
  2. Feature new menu selections and add photos of your dishes which allows your guests to visualize the menu items.
  3. Set the ambiance – Base your Menu Cover on the type of restaurant you are. Create a design that fits your style and theme. Cafe Menu Covers can be utilized for Family style Restaurants, Bistros and Fine Dining establishments.
  4. With the All Clear Plastic panels your able to display your menu items and highlight your specials to promote sales.
  5. Cafe Menu Covers offer numerous panel style options to accommodate the amount of pages needed to promote your menu items.


Since menu covers have the ability of changing your menu inserts or specials in and out when needed. This allows you and your chef to offer specials based on seasonal foods and special occasions like Valentine's Day or Mother's Day and etc! This creative freedom gives the chefs more capacity to provide a exceptional dining experience for your guests.