Restaurants stake their entire business on their food quality and establishment ambiance. Menus are an imperative part of the dining process and have the power to draw people in and encourage them to be returning customers. Every Restaurant you enter creates an initial impression and the Menu is the primary way for a Chef or Restaurant Owner to display their various dishes and beverages. Take advantage of all your Menu real estate by bringing dishes to life through tasty descriptions and mouth-watering images. This is your chance to promote and increase your sales and bring your customers back to try other Menu items and beverages.

How Café Menu Covers Can Help You Improve Sales

Your menu communicates directly with guests and is your tool to promote your dishes and beverage options. Based on the images and descriptions in your menu will assist your customers  decisions on the dishes and beverages they will be ordering. With the Plastic Menu Covers they are economical and give you a lot of flexibility on promoting your Menu items. It is also important that you lay out your Menu properly to highlight your specials and Menu items. Proper lay out will assist promoting ordering appetizers, drinks, main dishes and desserts which can directly impact the check total for guests. Simply having a better menu descriptions and lay out can help increase the revenue of a Restaurant day after day, week after week, and month after month. Don’t become complacent with your menu items; it is an ongoing opportunity to advertise your menu items for your restaurant.

Make Changes to Your Menu with Ease

Since menu covers have clear plastic panels which allows you with ease to change your Menu inserts in and out when needed. The Plastic Menu Covers allows chefs to showcase specials, test fresh offerings and promote additional new items or other unique creations that the guest may want to try. Specials can single handedly keep your customers returning to your Restaurant time and time again. Obviously, this directly impacts your restaurant’s profit.

Cafe Menu Covers are manufactured to any size with different panel styles options depending upon how you want to present your menus. 29 different colors trims to choose from including your choice of our Soft Classic™ Non-Glare Plastic or Clear Plastic. Round or Square Corners with 4 different colors. The Plastic Menu Coves are a perfect cover to assist with your Menu requirements with giving you all the flexibility of changing your inserts at any time needed. Utilize for Special Occasions and Holiday Specials.