First and foremost, Restaurants are judged by the food they prepare and serve to their guests. The quality directly impacts the Restaurant’s success. However, the first impression in a Restaurant is actually the Restaurant’s ambiance and the menu they browse while deciding what to order. Most people are visually stimulated and base their judgments’, good or bad, on elements they see. This means that the menus appearance has the ability to create a negative or positive impression on the Restaurant as a whole without people even taking their first bite. With a variety of menu options leatherette menu covers make a good impression with your guests because they have a sophisticated image that gives the restaurant an elegant look and feel. Guests directly correlate with your menu and the Restaurant. Getting return business is a must when it comes to the success of a Restaurant. Here are some other reasons leatherette menu covers have become so popular.

Branding Your Restaurant

A leatherette menu cover will provide the sophistication necessary to make a good first impression for your guests. The outside of the cover can be imprinted with your restaurants name and a logo or an image/icon that reflects your establishment. Leatherette Menu Covers come in a variety of colors and sizes which you can customize to make sure they fit your design layout.

Advantages of Leatherette Menu Covers

  • They give a positive & professional first impression.
  • They are manageable which makes it easy for customers to view your menu inserts with ease of flipping through the cover.
  • Many covers offer clear vinyl page protectors to place your menu inserts into.
  • They are easy to change your menu inserts in and out.
  • They have good transparency with minimal glare which helps customers read the menu easily.
  • Restaurant Menu Covers protects your menu inserts from liquid and food spills.
  • Easy to clean.