Those who run a restaurant know how important it is to turn a profit and keep their business in the black. In order to do this they have to do everything they can do to be diligent with their expenses and how it is spent. One of the best ways to save cost in a restaurant is to utilize restaurant menu covers which will give you the flexibility of being able to promote and change your menus inserts with ease. There are many options to choose from when deciding what type of Menu Cover to purchase.

  1. Clear Spiral Menu Covers - These Menu Covers are very popular for restaurants needing multiple pages to display their menu inserts. Similar to a Cafe Menu Covers and Clear Stitched Menu Covers with a spiral spine. The Clear Spiral Menu Covers have four viewing panels and with the ability to add up to 10 Spiral Page Protectors. Your choice of clear or non-glare plastic. The clear front cover allows you to display your own printed graphics. Available with 29 different colors to choose from and your choice of corner colors. The Clear Spiral Menu covers are an more economical choice.

  2. Big Trim Menu Covers - These are Heavy Duty Menus with a durable decorative material trim on the top and the bottom of the Menu Cover that is lock stitched and utilized with a heavy 20 gage plastic for ultimate durability. Available with many colors, panels style options and are made to any size. Mix or match the colors.

  3. Spiral Lexide Hardcovers - Similar to our Clear Spiral Menu Covers these versatile Menu Covers offer the benefits of having a Hardcover Menu on the Front and Back with optional imprinting. Giving you the same flexibility to change menu pages in and out as needed with up to 10 Spiral Page Protectors. This menu allows a restaurant to display several pages in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The plastic panels allow customers to view several pages of the menu all at once. The Spiral Lexide Hardcovers come in a variety sizes and of color options.

  4. Hardcovers with Screws - One of of favorite Restaurant Covers. A Decorative Front Cover with screws which comes with Page Protectors to display your individual menu inserts. They can be ordered with many of our Hardcover materials with numerous colors and textures to choose from. The Page Protectors are also available in clear or non-glare plastic. These are easy to clean and offer a lot of flexibility to interchange menu pages in and out. Four different screw colors. Optional imprinting. Customize with a Two-Toned Front Cover, Die Cut Window with your Full Color Artwork or with Picture Frame Corner Sub-Panels in place of the page protectors.

  5. Deciding Which Menu is best for You - With so many options and colors to choose from it may be hard to decide on which Menu Cover to order. Consider what style you think will work well with the decor, ambiance of your restaurant and the budget you have. You will want to consider the amount of menu pages that you need and what size you prefer.