If you run a restaurant, you need to have operational efficiency in all facets of the business while providing an experience to your customers which encourages them to return. Your menu items, restaurant location, professionalism of your hired staff and your menu appearance which can play a vital role with their experience. All Restaurants being from Casual Food Diners to intimate Fine Dining Restaurants, the menu is part of the ambiance that sets the tone for your  guests. One very popular menu product is the spiral menu covers.

What Are Spiral Menu Covers?

Spiral Menu Covers are assembled with a coil to hold Page Protectors or your menu inserts. The covers are customizable to amount of pages needed to display your menu. Available with     numerous options and styles to choose from.

Clear Spiral Menu Covers similar to a Clear Stitched Menu Cover with the benefits of page      protectors.

All Clear Spiral Bound Covers are a Clean Presentation with an exposed spiral coil attached to page protectors, assembled with the amount of pages needed.

Lexied Spiral Bound Covers are similar to the All Clear Spiral Menu Covers with a Solid Lexide material on the front and back of the cover. Optional foil imprinting.

Valencia, Linen and Soft Touch Spiral Bound Menu Covers are a glued Hardcover on the front and back of the cover giving a heavier feel with your choice of material: Valencia, Linen or Soft Touch. Optional foil imprinting available.

Spiral Lexide Hardcover is similar to the Clear Spiral Menu Covers with a Lexide Hardcover   material on the front and back. Optional foil imprinting.

Spiral Hardcovers are a glued Hardcover with the coil in the inside of the cover which are    available with many of your Hardcover materials. Customizable with Die-Cut Window, Two-Toned Front Cover and foil imprinting.

Why Spiral Menu Covers Are Popular

Spiral menu covers come in a variety of sizes and colors. They are a very popular choice for several reasons.

  • Excellent Presentation to display your menu inserts.
  • Great for menus with multiple page
  • Add up to 10 page protectors giving you 20 viewing sides.
  • Able to be personalized with artwork, advertisements, specialties or even special    community or restaurant events.
  • Allow you to changes your menu inserts in and out of the page protectors. (For example, perfect for restaurants testing out new dishes, specials or fresh new offerings)
  • Flexible and customizable.
  • Durable & easy to clean.
  • Protects your menu inserts.
  • Unique options for displaying your logo on the menu cover with numerous choices. Foil imprint, Blind Deboss or a Die-Cut Window with you logo.
  • Economical and cost-effective.

This makes Creative Impression’s Spiral Menu Covers ideal for use in many different environments.


The versatility of our Spiral Menu covers allows you complete personalization. You can promote different items for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and desserts. They covers can even be used for Wine Lists, Beverage Menus, Hotel and Room Services Books, Catering Brochures, Presentation Portfolios In general, our Spiral Menu Covers are great for:

  • Casual Dining
  • Family Dining
  • Fine Dining
  • Restaurants with large menus
  • Business promoting their services.
  • Hotels

You only have one chance to make a good impression. If you want to catch the eye of guests, you need to present a menu that is as visually attractive and inviting. This is why you should rely on Creative Impressions for your new menu engineering. The cost-effective, durable and unique menu covers will attract guests and chances are spiral menu coverswill be a great fit for you.