Restaurant success depends on many factors from the dining experience to the restaurants ambiance and service. Menu engineering is a term coined to explain the importance of creating and displaying the perfect menu for your restaurant. Restaurant Table Tents & Stands have been known to help enhance a guest’s dining experience while promoting your specials. When selected correctly, they set the tone and feel for the restaurant and also get important company messages across to guests.

Types of Restaurant Table Stands & Restaurant Table Tents

Restaurant Table Stands & Tents come in a variety of styles. They provide prime real estate for promoting your food, drinks, desserts and special events. Whether you promoting seasonal items or permanent advertising, the tabletop stands are the answer. You can select from numerous designs such as:

A-Frame Table Tent: This product is a two sided Table Tent available with picture frame corners, menu bars or half moon die-cuts.

Triangle Table Stand: This product is a three-view Table Stand available with picture frame corners and a magnet closure where your able to open foe easy cleaning.

Soft Touch Table Tents: An attractive, soft to the touch, slender Table Tent. Available with your choice of an Two View A-Frame or Three View Triangle with a half moon die-cut to promote your inserts.

Clear Triangle Table Tents: A three sided Triangle Table Tent with 29 different colors to choose from. Protects your inserts with plastic. Slide your inserts into the top opening.

Acrylic Table Stands: Two sided all clear acrylic Table Stand. Protects your menu inserts. An economical Restaurant Table Stand. Inserts slide in from the top keeping your inserts from soiling when on the tables.

Keep in mind; there are additional choices of sizes and designs being able to match your restaurants theme, personal preference and budget. Our Restaurant Table Stands and Tents are a key role for your point of sales which will assist increase your sales. Numerous styles to choose from, depending upon your budget which works best for you promoting your specials. Our Acrylic Table Stand is very economical. The A-Frame Table Tents and Triangle Table Stands are a favorite and are easy to clean and ready to ship. You can also purchase Restaurant Table Stands in a variety of colors based on the specific product and design you are looking for.

Why Use Restaurant Table Stands & Restaurant Table Tents

Restaurant table stands are a very innovative way to promote various components of your business. They are excellent for specialty menus so people can view options easily and quickly. They are also one of the first impressions people have of the restaurant once they sit down and gives you the flexibility to change the menu inserts in and out, you simply replace the your existing menu insert specials with the new ones.

Overall many restaurant owners use table stands because they are:

  • Cost-effective advertising
  • An efficient way to promote in-house specials or seasonal options
  • Able to be used as temporary or permanent
  • Increase sales
  • A Visually appealing way to maximize table space
  • Easy to clean and keep free from dirt and grime

Tabletop menus are innovative. At Creative Impressions, Inc., we work hard to ensure you receive the best products possible. Our aim is to help you make your business a success. We achieve this through our ability to provide you with the highest quality products as well as the best and most innovative and creative Menu Covers, including our restaurant table stands and spiral menu covers (check our previous blog for more information).