Enhance your presentation and protect your menus. You’re able to coordinate your restaurants décor with the designs and colors of our covers to compliment your menu presentation. With menu covers you have the flexibility of being able to add or remove your menu inserts in and out. Make a change to one page at a time, promote specials, test new items and market fresh offerings.

Save Cost
Covers will protect your menus form being damaged. Utilizing paper menus or inexpensive lamination can be more acceptable to crinkles, rips and soils which will have to be replaced more frequently, adding cost. Utilizing covers will protect your menu inserts and will save the cost of having to replace and reprint menus.

Depending upon your budget for your restaurant, we have numerous options to choose from. Our economical Heat-Sealed, Clear Stitched and Spiral menu covers and a variety of Hardcovers all too meet your budget requirements. All of our menu products have their own unique presentation to highlight your menus. Whatever your needs are, we have the cover for you.

Utilizing covers for restaurants will give you an attractive appeal to the presentation of your menu. The menu is the main focal point. Presentation is always important on how you market your menu items. How you promote and layout your menu will reflect your customers experience of your establishment. The proper menu layout and presentation will enhance an enjoyable experience with your customers and will increase your sales. Contact us and let us assist you with our numerous different covers styles, designs, colors, textures and options the best assists you in promoting your menu.